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Meet “This is Beard” Bringing Awareness to Skin Cancer

A beard is always fun and as of lately it’s become a world sign of awareness to one cause or another. We have just gone swimmingly through Movember and some of those mustaches are long gone but where has the spotlight gone. We need the light to stay on such topics, as prostate cancer all year long. That would be some heavy duty endurance.

I have just come across this bearded wonder known as “This is Beard.” Need to know more? Read on grasshopper, read on.

I started Beard Season with some mates back in July.

One of our close friends tragically had a melanoma on his neck and passed away last March.

By covering up with our beards, which tend to attract a lot of attention, we’re aiming to encourage people to get checked for weird stuff which might be growing on your skin that you might not otherwise notice.

Make an appointment through or your local GP. Especially for Summer.

When Wes was 23 years old he was diagnosed with a melanoma on his neck. The melanoma was removed but it was already in his bloodstream and later spread to his brain.

For information about UV exposure, sun protection, melanoma and skin cancer, visit

You can reduce your risk by protecting your skin when you’re outdoors. Like most people, you probably know how to protect yourself from the sun. Wes Bonny’s experience challenges us all to be more vigilant about our sun protection behaviour.


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