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Meet the Owner of P-Town Treasure TIM-SCAPES | Bright Future, Giving Back to Community & More

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After growing up in the East Coast, Ithaca New York, I really never looked back or had any desire to visit, and surely never toyed with the idea of calling it home again. That all changed on my first visit to Provincetown, MA that happened in July 2013. P-Town peaked my interest enough for a second visit just this past July. This time I was on a mission to live it up and get the ‘local vibe.’

While in P-Town, the name of a store kept popping up over and over, and that was TIM-SCAPES. It was also said that I had to meet owner Tim Convery because we would hit it off, and did we ever. What a sweet babe!

We had a casual chat at the famous Joe’s Coffee and went through the timeline of how TIM-SCAPES came to fruition and became the large, growing success it is today. Besides the vibrant designs and colors, Tim tells me that a large part of the stores DNA is giving back to the community and shares his and TIM-SCAPES’ involvement with many non-profits. What does the future have in store for TIM-SCAPES you ask? You just have to watch my charming interview and find out.

Now, lets give Tim props for his fantastic spirit and being a positive role model for gay men of all ages! Don’t get me started on that glorious beard and how I dream of taking a nap in it (nude!).

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Below are just a couple of my favorites from all of TIM-SCAPES collections:

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