Meet Superb Artist/Musician Cha’ves Jamall

Meet artist/musician Cha’ves Jamall, based in New York City & Paris. I just came across him online today and I’m pulled in and want to know/see more! Listen to his new track for “Field Trip” below.

Follow and find out more about Cha’ves Jamall on Facebook, Instagram, and at He is now on my radar!

Watch Cha’ves Jamall perform “Field Trip” at Sofar New York on April 2nd, 2016 / Sofar Sounds

Afropunk premiered his song “Field Trip” and reported:

“Check out multi-talented Harlem-based trip-hop/punk/spoken word artist Cha’ves Jamall’s witty, dark, and somehow still sexy single, ‘Field Trip’. The conceptual track is a melodic blend of trip-hop, experimental punk and spoken word through which Jamall introspectively explores gender identity, racial inequality and mental health. “It’s been a trip being someone who considers himself an extrovert but also suffers from anxiety and depression. I feel like when I decided that I wasn’t going to hide this from people but actually make it a part of my work, I instantly felt stronger and more able to cope. I still have bad days but don’t have the anxiety of people not “knowing”,” Jamall tells AFROPUNK.”



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