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Meet Singer YUZIMA: He Begins Work on New LP “The Machine”




Over the last several months, YUZIMA has started compiling lyrics, melodies and  concepts for his ambitious new LP The Machine. Yuzima explains the concept: “We are all living in a machine, big machines and small ones, we are each our own machine so this album will focus on the things we see and the things we don’t, motives and all”. The Machine will be YUZIMA’s 2nd LP after 2010’s It’s Wonderful and four critically acclaimed EP’s and one rock opera. Although his latest EP POWERFUL is still relatively new and growing in popularity, Yuzima has made a point of penning new tunes; with a new single almost ready for recording. Yuzima site’s Nirvana, David Bowie and U2 as inspiration for the LP but doesn’t give a specific date other than it should be out either late 2013 or early 2014.



“The Reason For An Artist is to Push For Beauty” is a chanted refrain from “Belief” the enigmatic third track from the artist Under the Radar called a “rising indie luminary”, New York indie rock artist Yuzima’s aggressive new three song EP Powerful is out on October 16th, just in time for the elections, on his own label UZEE. Yuzima takes his 6th release and the follow up to his critically acclaimed April release Sound Opera Project One as a chance to challenge politics and apathy in pop culture.

Big ideas have always populated and driven Yuzima’s music and Powerful is no exception. Yuzima also channels his youth growing up in crack infested Gun Hill Projects in the Bronx, he says that this has had a hand in shaping the sound and subject matter, in what Yuzima is calling a modern riff on What’s Going On the seminal 1971 Marvin Gaye LP that examined and channeled the turbulent issues of that time. In contrast, Yuzima uses his latest mix of alternative rock and soul to criticize current cultural obsessions and to empower the listener beyond social networking sites and self- defeatist politics.

On the first and powerhouse title song Yuzima shouts out Emma Goldman, an early feminist and gay rights advocate and Woody Guthrie the progressive/ populist/ folk singer who sang about working class life during the early 1900’s, including his monumental Dust Bowl Ballads, Yuzima mentions these as an inspiration; as well as other folk hero’s. Yuzima carries over many production techniques from his 2011 EP Glasnost and early 2012’s Sound Opera Project One, A mix of what Dan Lucas of Under the Radar described as ‘industrial Achtung Baby-esque rock and soulful vocals’. Yuzima layers rough complex sounds many of them distorted guitars over heavy drums with the aim of hitting pop ecstasy. His layering of complex and simple sounds is an art form within itself. But that isn’t enough for the artist, taking cues from socially conscious pop albums like Prince’s Sign o’ the Times, Marvin Gaye’s What going on and U2’s War, Yuzima feels that social commentary is something that’s missing in today’s musical zeitgeist. While the title song is designed to kick your teeth in and at the same time make you feel powerful, second song “It’s True” is a love song -Yuzima style- which means it’s big, multilayered, has layered meanings and most likely a faux choir at the end. Yuzima has made a habit of ending his big songs with an 80’s style gospel choir, which


also takes cues from Bob Marley and the Wailers approach to rich male harmonies. He also drags in some bombastic beats into the mix. “This life a dark walk in the park. I need your love light in the dark.” is a sample of the hard edge poetry and how Yuzima attacks the issue of love on Powerful. Finally the aforementioned final song “Belief” starts off with a rootsy acoustic guitar strum on top of a kick and snare designed to sound like a milk crate; a simple song based on a question Yuzima raised during a marathon political discussion about the simple idea of belief and why some people believe things whether they’re rational or not. “It’s a question song kind of like ‘What’s going on’ but much different.” Yuzima said, “I love hitting on something that sounds 100% percent unique. I let a friend hear “Belief” and it blew their mind they told me I had to make it the next single, so I will”.

Powerful is the latest example of Yuzima operating at the highest level of artistry and mixing a gumbo of diverse themes and influences into incredibly powerful music.

Yuzima is a prolific genre bending indie rock singer-songwriter, who’s latest release Sound Opera Project One has earned him praise like: “rising indie luminary”, “one the most exciting new musicians” and “great artist” he also released his debut LP Its Wonderful in 2010 as well as three EP’s including Glasnost in 2011 which Cover Me described as “Yuzima channels his inner U2”. Yuzima, the albums and his self produced videos have been featured on prominent blogs, college radio and websites including, Under the Radar, The Hype Machine, Louder than War, The Jam Room, Faronheit, Whatever Happened to Jonathan Trottski, 88.1 KVSU and have gotten props from the likes of Julian Casablancas, Carson Kressley, Fonzworth Bentley, Lady Miss Kier and many others.


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