Hair Ball of Day

Meet Roger & Bryce, Two Scruffy Bear Puppets Out on a Venture and Holding a Mirror up to the LGBT Community

Here is where the welcomed madness all began,  “A parody on the Sh*t people say videos Roger & Bryce take cliches to the next level…and they’re puppets so it’s funnier.”  Roger & Bryce rain on us from  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and  say, “now we’re developing it (their act) into a bit of a satirical series with a gay social conscience. We basically want to have a chance for gay people (particularly the hairy kind) to laugh at ourselves but also open doors for discussion on gay rights, issues, topics etc.” Hard truths coming from puppets may be taking as less of a personal attack and more of a funny message that you may need to digest. Find more videos from Roger & Bryce HERE and follow their shenanigans on FACEBOOK


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