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Meet Korean Crayon Pop: Watch Energizing Music Videos


Dazed reports:

When Lady Gaga was spotted at SXSW 2014 watching 4Minute’s HyunA work a room of fans, K-pop Twitter went into overdrive with the possibility of a future HyunA/Gaga collaboration. But while Gaga may have enjoyed HyunA’s bubble popping, she’d already quietly clambered on board the K-pop starlight express by courting last year’s viral joy pixies Crayon Pop to open up for her currentARTRAVE tour. The Korean five-piece will join the show on June 26, in Milwaukee, replacing current opening act, Japan’s digi-hologram popstar Hatsune Miku. Lady Gaga fans swiftly took to the comments section of Crayon Pop’s infectious signature hit “Bar Bar Bar” to praise or condemn the decision.

Crayon Pop’s quirky style – more akin to J-pop than K-pop – has already delivered beyond the tag of “internet sensation” immediately slapped on “Bar Bar Bar” as it inexorably took over last year. Band members Gummi, twins Cho A and Way, Ellin, and Soyul categorise themselves as a group that “amuses and energises”, producing earworm synthetic pop with nonsensical lyrical couplets. It’s smarter than it first appears – plucking out clean 80s brass and 70s disco to give depth to heavy layers of laptop beats – and, like their “Bing Bing”/Daft Punk mashup performance, cheekily adventurous. Unlike groups who play with various concepts for every single release, Crayon Pop itself is the concept. Between rehearsals for the US shows, Cho A (second from right in the above picture) chats with Dazed about group life, neon sweatsuits and breaking into America.

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