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Meet Irresistible Artist Justin Sears & His Captivating Drawings of Bearded Men


I will have one of each! One Justin and one painting, to go!

Justin Sears is a 23 year old painter and designer living in New York City. Please check out for more examples of his work.

Justin’s Biography:

My goal as an artist is to continue working larger and larger, while practicing and developing my skills in the many aspects of the term: ‘artist.’ I combine multiple styles in my work including, “pop art,” and rugged, industrial qualities, which do not fit into any one particular mold in the “art world.”

I choose to work on hard, rugged surfaces, such as wood, that are sturdier than canvas, yet more organic, as light-weight and just as portable. My process differs from the techniques I was taught by others, in the sense that I work in a monochromatic color palette, and welcome dry brush strokes, different textures and drips. I keep a relaxed, open mind during my creative process.

My current work focuses on making portraiture relevant again by working “larger than life,” while remaining stylish and “eye-catching.” I developed this style after becoming interested in pop-art and also experiencing the grittiness of Brooklyn life. Indirectly, my work challenges the trend of “abstract art,” which has taken over New York City…

I explore the beauty of each individual that I paint and give life to each image that I create.


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