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Meet “Brony” Sam | Adult Male Fanatical about My Little Pony | Video

Whatever floats your boat and doesn’t harm another is my motto. “… Twilight Sparkle, she’s pretty much the leader of the group…”

On today’s Jeremy Vine Show, we’re entering into the world of Bronies!

By day Sam works in a law firm, but outside of work…




Sam Harris, 30, from Cardiff is a member of the Severn Bronies – adults who are fanatical about My Little Pony.

The group regularly meets in Bristol to celebrate a love of the colourful cartoon characters.

“People think it’s very strange to watch something that’s meant for kids,” he says.

Find out more about the Severn Bronies on Inside Out West on BBC One on Monday 30 October at 19:30 BST.

via BBC Radio 2