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Meet NSFW Bad Boy MC Crumbsnatcher – “Let’s Get to Humpin” Music Video

I get the feeling that MC Crumbsnatcher can hold his own in the bedroom! I first laid eyes on to this fire cracker by accident when he opened a show recently for San Francisco’s Darling Gunsel. Prior to show he caught my attention as he walked around bar in a onsie with dinosaur hood and one hand clamped around a glass of hard liquor.

The very next minute MC Crumbsnatcher took the stage hostage and demanded the attention of the audience. I guess you could say he raised the roof. Explosive down right dirty-sexy lyrics about humpin’ in the public restroom delivered in what seemed like the speed of light vocals. MC Crumbsnatcher is a pint size powerhouse we ALL need to keep our eyes on. We have the feeling he had his mouth washed out with soap a lot as a child.

The 411 from Crumbsnatcher’s FACEBOOK PAGE:

MC Crumbsnatcher began performing as a rap artist since 2005 when he first scandalized the ears of young gays throughout the world alongside rapper Argyle Miss, selling thier debut “The Lesbian Toothbrushing EP” to horny teens across America, London, and Australia. He went on to do a brief stint with the group Homosaywhat?!? which ruined childhoods from SF to Florida, most notably at the 2009 Homo a Gogo Festival. MC Crumbsnatcher is now taking off with his solo career and has performed all over the Bay Area. He is currently working on his debut album that will splatter the lips of every gay man in San Francisco when he completes his first recordings in September. He lives in the TL.

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