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Meanwhile…Fashion in Japan

Utmost respect should be given to japanese fashion, no fear. Always cutting edge, always from “another planet.” Love! This must be this young ladies Olsen twin look. I scroll through this awesome website for inspiration for life.


Here is a cool Japanese couple who we ran into near Center Street in Shibuya. Their style – including the awesome blonde hairstyles – has a very summer-in-Shibuya feel.

The guy is wearing an outfit with a bohemian vibe, including a tunic top, wide leg pants, and sandals. His accessories include a scarf, a feather necklace, several bracelets, and a shawl around his waist. The girl is wearing a white sundress with a tied knit sweater and espadrille sandals decorated with flowers. Her accessories include a floppy hat (we’re seeing quite a few of these this summer) and a white bracelet.


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