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Me Like Bees Share “The River Divides” Official Music Video

Me Like Bees performing The River Divides” off of their upcoming EP, Songs from the Realm, inspired by the Image Comics series The Realm.

Produced & Directed by Jeremy Haun
Director of Photography: Mark Neuenschwander

“‘The River Divides’ is a song inspired by The Realm about a group of people who are constantly coming to grips with a hostile new world, all the while struggling with their checkered pasts that pale in comparison to the horrors they are forced to survive daily,” vocalist Luke Sheafer tells AP about the new song. “When I wrote the lyrics, I was imagining a salty, war-ready people who lamented the world they now live in, while also pining for their former lives, as bogged down with worries, regrets and fear as they may have been.”

Video premiered on AP


The first issue of The Realm will be out Sept. 13, and the second is expected Oct. 18. You can find more information on the project here.

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