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Matt Alber’s “Handsome Man” Video Premieres on Accidental Bear Today! Watch Here


Rise and shine internet! This may be the nearest you ever get to rolling around in bed and morning coffee with the amazingly talented singer-songwriter Matt Alber. This morning Matt premiers his new, sexy with charming all over it, music video for “Handsome Man” off of his new album Wind Sand Stars on Accidental Bear. (Find album HERE)

Now go enjoy and share the video below of one of the top queer artists performing in the world today!

Any who reposts this A/B feature to Facebook and leaves a comment “I shared it” and tags Accidental Bear in comment is entered to receive a free signed copy of the album on CD & Vinyl (There will be 3 winners!!)

Be sure to watch video in HD to see all of the stunning details.

Check out fun Q & A with Matt Alber below where he gives us all of the sweaty details behind the “Handsome Man” Music video.

What is the story going on in this new video for “Handsome Man?”

Well, there’s always room for interpretation, but I see this as the story of two guys who find the spark of love the morning after a pivotal sleepover. Maybe they’ve jut been hooking up until now, keeping things casual. But something changes when neither of them wants the morning to end. One of the fellas hides a love-note for the other on the back of a photo-strip, and when the other one finds it… well, it’s ON!


You’re the one who wrote the song and also co-stars in the video, yet you’re speaking about the characters in the third person. Are you playing a character or are you playing yourself in this video?

When I started out on this project I was single and playing a character in a story I’ve been wanting to see on the screen. I see a fair share of gay humor, drama and gay sex in the media , but I’m hard-pressed to find moments like these on the screen. (Thank God LOOKING is finally here.) But being single and navigating a healthy sex-life can be tricky. I’ve definitely had varying degrees of success at it. I guess in the back of my mind I’m always hoping I’ll run into Mr. Right when I’m hooking up. Someone who will want me to spend the night, stay up late sipping whiskey, smoking joints, making fun of Party Of Five and then want me to stick around in the morning, skipping school, goofing around under the sheets and kissing like you mean it. 

So did something change for you personally during the project? Did you fall in love with your co-star? And by the way, WHO IS HE and do you have any nudes? (wink wink)

Ah, Alan… What a babe, huh? We met on SCRUFF a few years ago and have stayed great pals. He even wrote the opening line of my song “Spectacularly”– he’s one heck of a poet. I asked him to play opposite me because I knew we’d have good chemistry. He flew down from Seattle to do the shoot and we had blast. He brought a ton of good ideas to the table and some damn fine acting if you ask me. I’ve always had a crush on him, but that’s not how the story goes. 


Well Mr. Alber, are you gonna tell us how it goes? Give me the dirt!

I’ll tell ya a little. About a month after we shot the video for Handsome Man, I met this amazing guy on Scruff who, long story short, wanted me to stick around. We started sleeping over and wasting the mornings away laughing and kissing under the sheets. We decided to open up to each other and start telling each other our deep dark secrets. Neither of us flinched. When he learned I was working on a music video, he offered to help me edit it. It slowly dawned on us both that the story taking shape our iMacs was happening for us. How about that, huh?


Accidental Bear Love! I’d say you owe the good people at SCRUFF a letter.

Well, he’s more of a Prairie dog. And yes, I already sent my letter to SCRUFF!


Well, congratulations Matt the video results are stunning! I am going to crawl back in to bed and watch this on repeat!

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