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Matt Alber Releases Lyrics & Portraits eBook for New Album “Constant Crows”

Anticipating for Matt Alber’s new album is over. I can now get my dirty little paws all over it. The stunning voice of Matt has never had more clarity than on this new album. Album is downloaded, and I walk through the wild out doors of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park briskly, with the fresh air in my face, as Matt whispers into my ears via ear buds. Anticipate no more. I know for a fact that this new album titled “Constant Crows,’ was made with blood, sweat and tears. The perfect album to ease you into 2012. If you have the chance to listen to the album while sitting on a cloud, you have found the perfect essence of this piece of work

“Matt grew up singing in choirs. He was often chased home from school. He hated school. Except for choir practice. And maybe double-dutching at recess.

He makes records now and only gets chased by a handsome man around the kitchen. He even wrote the first song on his new album with that handsome man (Velvet Goldmine.)

Matt crosses his fingers you’ll listen to a song or two. He tours for a living so he hopes you’ll come to a show with a boy/girlfriend (or two if you’re into that.)” Matt
Matt Alber’s new eBook “Constant Crows ~ Portraits & Lyrics” is on sale now at Featuring 27 high res pages, song lyrics, and guitar tabs for iPad, Mc & PC. $3.99

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