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Man on Man – Gay Lovers Making Music – Releases New Single ‘Daddy’

Catchy as fuck is how I’m describing the debut single from MAN ON MAN. Written, performed, recorded, and produced by Roddy Bottum and Joey Holman, “who are gay lovers,” in quarantine.

Many people’s creative juices have been flowing since “shelter in place”. Not many lovers are producing hit songs.

Youtube has removed the accompanying music video for what I can only imagine being homophobic reasons not because of any sort of explicit content. Have you seen the amount of hetersexual tit and ass that Youtube does allow? Thankfully you still view the music video on Vimeo. Check it out below.

Follow Man on Man on Instagram for a good time. MAN ON MAN‘s official Instagram describes the project as “gay lovers making gay music.” We’re totally here for it. Bring it on!