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Loki Starfish – “A Step Away or Marks of Departure” Music Video

LOKI STARFISH is a multidisciplinary dark-pop industrial electronic multimedia project led by singer/songwriter and actor, Jérémie Lapeyre. “Loki Starfish, the brainchild of Jérémie Lapeyre has been laying down an electro styled, world beat infused, off-kiltered pop grind… a tripping world beat number reminiscent of the Talking Heads, Remain In Light era…” – In Your Speakers Incorporating Cold wave/post-punk tones, LOKI STARFISH draws inspiration from Paris’ underground scene. Ever-changing, the live performance works as a full band and solo act. Lapeyre is constantly pushing boundaries and limits with LOKI STARFISH.

“Each song is a continuous search to reinvent the process of creation while exploring tensions caused by discomfort and imbalance.” – Lapeyre With a catalogue encompassing 1 LP, 4 EP’s, and 18 videos, LOKI STARFISH invites creative direction and contributions from collaborators like musicians, arrangers, directors, stylists, choreographers, actors, photographers, and artists including Elephanz and Erik Halley (stylist for Christian Lacroix, David Bowie and Madonna) to change and adapt Lapeyre’s vocals and aesthetic. Lapeyre wants to challenge the sense of “I” which is often assimilated with contemporary artists.

After his 2011 introspective, bittersweet, electro-pop debut album, Love-like Banners, featuring 15 tracks and videos, Lapeyre recorded and released 4 EP’s, Silence + Evidence, A Season for Weepers, Broken Moth,and Hey There. Lapeyre’s latest album, Stones from Fire Mountain, was released on 24/03/17 via Believe Digital. Recorded in Paris with producer, Florent Livet (Housse de Racket, The Rapture, Phoenix, and Bloc Party),Stones from Fire Mountain is a powerful statement exploring otherness, identity, and spirituality, transcending the space between diffused light and icy darkness.

Composer: Jérémie Lapeyre uses software and sequences to compose his musical arrangements.Lapeyre also produces dance and theater productions, including the Gang Bambi party in Paris, and is a DJ at venues like Trabendo, Le Carmen, Java, and Villa Noailles.

Musicians: Elephanz, Flore Cunci, Louise Roam, Tob, Alto Clark, Infecticide, Arch Woodman, My Summer Bee, Maxime Iko, Andres Komatsu, Gachette of the Mastiff, Pavle Kovacevic, Thomas Durand, Jacques de Candé, Sophie Morin, Moziimo, Donatien Roustant and Louis Pontvianne. Stylists: Erik Halley (formerly of Christian Lacroix, David Bowie and Madonna) – created masks and chose costumes and accessories for Loki Starfish. Belgian fashion designer, Jean-Paul Lespagnard – designed stage costumes featured in the video for “A Step Away (or marks of departure).”

Photographers: Laetitia Laguzet, Pierre Andreotti, Iris Syzlack, Catherine Calvanus, Bertrand Noël, Roch Armando, Aliosha Alvarez, Marie Magnin and Julien Guillery. Music Video Directors: Yann Gonzalez, Benjamin Busnel, Edmond Carrère, Laetitia Laguzet, Viktor Milletic, Nicolas Martin, Gaëtan Campos, Olivier Solère, Julien Isore, Natalia Dufraisse, Fanadeep, Daniel Gaudard and Chris Ruggi, Xavier Reim.


The Discography of LOKI STARFISH:

LP “Love-Like Banners” (20/06/2011)

EP “Silence + Evidence” (06/02/2012)

EP “A Season for Weepers” (24/09/2012)

EP “Broken Moth” (2/12/13)

EP “Hey There” (31/03/14)

LP “Stones From Fire Mountain” (31/03/2017)

From Stones from Fire Mountain LP available on I tunes :


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