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Listen to What These People Will and Will Not Do In 2013: Resolution and Apology Video

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Just hours into the New Year and folks are already making and breaking New Years resolutions. As people reset their dos and do nots list for 2013, we wanted to hear what was on peoples minds. We asked  the masses: What will you do and What will you not do in 2013?

For those that wanted to skip those questions, we assigned a 3rd task, we asked people to apologize to someone that they may have crossed in 2012 and leave it behind, a sort of purging.

Featured in video: Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2013 -Ryan Brown, Nick Tsirimokos (Garçon Garçon), Benjamin Godfre, Jake Deckard (Porn Actor/ Director), Jessy Ares (Porn Actor), Conquistador (Musician), Michael Lucid (aka Damiana Garcia), Matt Baume (American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER)), Mutha Chucka, Bobby Jo Valentine (singer), Dr. George Forgan-Smith (The Heathy Bear Website), The Men from the Modern Bear- Chris Bale and Travis Smith, Paul V. Vitagliano (Born This Way: Real Stories Of Growing Up Gay), Cody Bayne, MC Crumbsnatcher, Sparklez, Austin Wondolowski (Photographer), Eric Kerr (Acupuncture), Mike Enders (Accidental Bear, Rodrigo Carballo, Wayne Bund, Greg Kerr, Tim Carr, Raja Shortell, Kiff Scholl, Fish C. Fish, Nick Sabatasso, Danny Beers, Somar Al-Khatab, Andrei Hero, Darrell Appelzoller and of course Mike Enders (Accidental Bear)

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