Listen to Maple & Rye’s New Track “Hymns of Poseidon”

Less that a year after the release of their debut single ”Lost” Maple & Rye´s now back with the single ”Hymns of Poseidon”.


The Swedish indie-folk quartet´s music is rich in folk-inspired acoustic guitar riffs, explosive and dynamic rhythms and ever-present seamless vocal harmonies.


Hymns of Poseidon”:
”Will you hear me when I’m gone?”.
The question hints of a fear.
A fear of not achieving anything during one´s lifetime,
nothing to be remembered by.
Of not leaving a lasting imprint on the world and of falling
into oblivion once you are gone.

Hymns of Poseidon” is about this fear and the lengths that people are
prepared to go in order to fight it and reach their goals.


Hymns of Poseidon” releases today and is a part of Maple & Rye´s debut EP “Nothing Poetic” that release 20 of October

Listen to ”Hymns of Poseidon”

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