Levi’s® 2013 Fall/Winter “Across Frontiers” Lookbook


This is easy, I want it all! But hands down MUST HAVAE that belt. Scroll down to see what I am talking about.


“Over the course of its existence, Levi’s® has been a cornerstone in progressive style and culture. Throughout time, several iconic pieces have emanated from the brand’s legendary range, many of which have earned an indisputably timeless status. The 501® jean, the Trucker Jacket and the Western Shirt have all transitioned with the times by giving the subsequent generations of these Icons a fresh creative stamp that remains true to the Levi’s® pioneering spirit. In general, the brand can be described by its notion of style that moves “Across Frontiers” and offers a versatile approach to fashion. We partnered with Levi’s® on their journey across the U.S. that can be seen as a metaphor for the brand’s enduring legacy, a legacy that largely began with the great western migration. True to the classical undertones of Levi’s® heritage and its indigo-driven iterations, we progress towards a more casual appropriation of the brand’s Icons thanks to new colors and derivatives of the 501® jean, the Trucker Jacket and the Western Shirt. Several pieces of the Levi’s® Commuter™ line showcase the brand’s understanding of classic sensibilities for modern day; all built on the legacies of the past with modern elements of technology and performance. In addition to the Icons, this line is another example of the brand’s balance of past and present.” Hyperbeast

Find the Levi’s® Icons reinterpreted for the changing season in the Fall/Winter 2013 collection- available now at select retailers globally and online at


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