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“Let’s fall in love” – Sweet Pride 2013 Prom Video for Palermo Italy

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Google translate tells us below the translation from Italian to English, the message behind this Pride 2013 Promo video for Palermo, Italy :


“The idea was born out of a desire to communicate at all, gay and straight, that there is nothing wrong in living out their emotions and feelings openly with simplicity and naturalness. Evil is in the injury, the demonization of something that in the end it is only love and therefore can not harm anyone.

In our country, unfortunately, is still high discrimination and prejudice that those who are more fragile and sensitive, as it can be the hero of my spot, unable to withstand this pressure coming to extreme measures as more and more often we read in newspapers.”  Pappi Corsica 
More info here  http://palermopride.it. Good luck it’s not in English.

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