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Leslie and the Ly’s – Dance Remix 7″ and Release Show Tickets “Get Sweaty Raw”

Release Date: 02/21/2012

Formats: 7″

MA Limited Series #2: 200 copies on vinyl only!

Leslie Hall is ready to get sweaty raw!

In the near distant future, somewhere between the 23rd and 24th century, when the history of Ames music is first telekinetically scribed, one name will rise above as queen of all things Iowa and gem – Leslie Hall.

Since the inception of Leslie and the Ly’s in 2005, Leslie Hall has taken the nation by storm – infusing Iowa hip-hop with esoteric fashion, death-defying stage moves and heart-breaking body rolls. To date, Leslie has released five albums, including the 2011 album Destination Friendship.

Since coming off the road two years ago, Leslie – also a gem sweater curator, spandex pants designer, visual artist and marriage officiant – has kept very busy writing tunes for Destination Friendship, touring with Yo Gabba Gabba, and becoming the first Ames artist to land a spot on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

When we at Maximum Ames discovered Mother Gem was releasing a brand new album featuring remixed tracks from the legendary likes of Fairfield’s Utopia Park and mashup artist Titus Jones, we were dying to get involved and help share the tracks on the ultimate dance floor medium – vinyl. With her brilliant foresight into the future, knowing that robot overlords would destroy all digital music in the 22nd century, Leslie agreed, with the hopes that music would survive for centuries to come when the Maximum Ames vinyl vault is discovered buried in the plains of Iowa in the year 2347.

This special edition vinyl – packaged with a hand-made touch by Mother Gem herself – features a remix of “Tight Pants/Body Rolls” by Utopia Park and “Blame the Booty” by Titus Jones. Limited to only 200 copies, this historic and heavenly white vinyl – white to represent the purity of virgin ears before hearing the tracks – represents one of the most mind-slaughtering and altering collaborations of Iowa musicianship. Every copy also comes with a free Iowa Empire Music Sampler from Maximum Ames Records!

And yes, we know what just happened. Please, take a moment, change your pants and then continue reading. We’ll wait for you.

Everything bright and shiny? Good.

Like we were saying, don’t be late in ordering – only 200 copies will ever exist and you don’t want to be the sad friend who doesn’t own an original Leslie Hall masterfully packaged vinyl from the Prom Queen of all Prom Queens. As an added bonus, all pre-order sales come with a collectible Power Cuddle sticker.

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of gemstory and Iowa history.

Check out Leslie and her man-students gettin’ steamy raw in this new exercise video, featuring a track from the record!

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