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Le Sexoflex Releases First Full-Length Album “The Naughty Contest”


With songs like “Poop on Face ,” “Juiceboxxx,” “Twincest and upcoming video for their first single titles, “Suck Dick, Eat Cheetos”  being released on Tuesday, March 26th, how can you not be fixated on  Le Sexoflex

Le Sexoflex Releases First Full-Length Album “The Naughty Contest”
The Sexiest Band in the World Just Got Sexier.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…..LE SEXOFLEX just released their first official album, entitled THE NAUGHTY CONTEST, on March 19, 2013! Wait, what now?  You’ve never heard of Le Sexoflex?  Oh goodness, how embarrassing….Le Sexoflex is one part Peaches, one part Lil’ Kim, one part Scissor Sisters, and all parts Gigglebox Electrosex!  Hailing from Buttlanta, the band released their first body of material, Le MiXXXtape: Invagine the Pussibilities, in 2009.  The MiXXXtape was quickly followed by three music videos for singles Poop on FaceJuiceboxxx, andTwincest (the latter of which was featured in two international animation festivals as well as the ever-popular Seattle HUMP! festival!).

Le Sexoflex – Poop On Face from Le Sexoflex on Vimeo.

Le Sexoflex – Juiceboxxx from Le Sexoflex on Vimeo.

Videos can be found at to moisten your journalistic curiosity. years later, after some band member switch-ups, a brain tumor, and lots of sexual escapades, The Naughty Contest has been unleashed on the awaiting (m)asses!  Featuring 10 FILTHY/FUNNY traXXX, the album is available at in pay what you want format, starting from 0 dollars. Yes, zero dollars. That’s almost as cheap as us paying you to listen to it.  

TraXXX include:

– Mind If I

– Don’t Fall in Love with Me

– Suck Dick, Eat cheetos

– Procrastibate

– Piggy Piggy (ft. Rica Shay)

– Fashion Fucker

– She Cold

– Necrosex (ft. Vas D)

– Gym Shorts


A new video for their first single, “Suck Dick, Eat Cheetos” will be released on Tuesday, March 26th!  

The Le Sexoflex roster currently consists of Miss Lady Flex (cunnilingus aficionado and songstress extraordinaire!), Peep Peep (Faggot Rapper, Brony, Superhero), Princess Genius (She’s British), and also featuring DJ Homosexual on space bar.  We‘re the Sexiest Band in the Motha-Fuckin’ World, y’all!

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