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Laverne Cox Narrates Moving ACLU Video About Trans Rights

Co-directed/sound-designed by Kim Boekbinder featuring an intro snippet of her song “Fractal,” – an ode to gender fluidity – off the upcoming album, Noisewitch (out on 9/8.) The video is illustrated by the amazing Molly Crabapple, and is narrated by the life-giving Laverne Cox.



“Every day, people question why we advocate for trans rights. “How many trans people are there, really?” we are asked. Or, “Isn’t this just a new niche issue that serves as a distraction from the issues that really matter?”

But trans people have always existed, and our lives have always mattered. And though we have and continue to face rampant discrimination, so too have we built beautiful communities and movements of resistance and love.

Through a collaborative video from the ACLU, Transparent producer and artist Zackary Drucker, Emmy-nominated actress Laverne Cox and the creative team of Molly Crabapple and Kim Boekbinder, we are telling the story of trans history and resistance.” – Time