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Kyle, One Tall Drink of Water at 6’7″ | Photography by Adam Moco for Tryst


Falling deep into love with those baby blues!

Model: Kyle | Find him on Instagram: @kylebrayjackson

Photographer: Adam Moco | Tryst

“I chatted with Kyle quite some time ago and it wasn’t until I was on my way home from the airport this past July that we both went to message each other at the same time. Turns out he knows Kyle & Derekfrom Vancouver, where he recently moved to Toronto from. It was a beautiful, warm summer day when I met Kyle. He’s the 6’7 one, yet I managed to hit my head off a beam on his balcony. We hung out and chatted for a while – he is so sweet and photogenic that I couldn’t stop.. which is why this series has so many shots. Fun facts, he has a twin sister & likes to paint his toenails.”

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