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King of Queens: Straight Guy in the Queer Eye by Conquistador

You want and expect wild from us and you got it! Meet LA-based musician and artist . LGBTQ allies come in all shapes, sizes and neon body suits.

 has this to see:

I have a bigger moustache than your father, higher heels than your mother and I’ll steal your girlfriend if you call me “faggot” one more time. Lock up your daughters, shoes and handbags, because Conquistador is coming to town.

Looks will make or break you in Hollywood. I would know — mine do both. One day, I’m seen as eye-candy and doors open for me, the next I’m seen as a threat and doors are slammed in my face.


Not only am I a proud member of West Hollywood’s LGBT community, I am also in their debt. I perform, host and am a “gayte keeper” at many parties. Before becoming part of gay nightlife in Los Angeles, I used to feel like I was “dressing up” for events, clubs and my shows. Now I feel like I dress down for everything else. I found a community that truly allowed me to be myself, without judgement. Not just be myself — grow myself.

I am Conquistador — glitter shaman, poet, singer, gangster of love! I would like to continue to label myself for you, but my label maker’s broken — because I just crushed it with the six-inch spike of my thigh-high boots.

I’m sitting here in my lucky leopard catsuit, sweating over a hot keyboard and frankly, my guyliner is running. How do you maximize an 800-word opportunity to introduce yourself; your world-champion mustache (who demands her own article) and say the right words about your music to entice people into clicking a link and taking a look-slash-listen?

My band and I just released a video for our single “With a Love Like That” off our debut EP, calledW.A.L.L.T. In this video, which we are thrilled just took first prize in the Machinima Interactive Film Festival, I am decked out head to heel in the hottest of pink “mandex” (that’s man for spandex) riding a giant inflatable swan. (WARNING: do not view video while drinking milk, or it might come out your nose.) Offhand, I’d describe our musical cinematic debut as pounding drums and bass, vocals dripping with reverb — filling the hungry hole of a carnivorous heart in a milky, nebulous, futuristic fuchsia space-scape!

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