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Kim Boekbinder – “The World is Mine” Music Video


“Don’t misunderstand, y’all: she might come off cool-as-fuck and fiercely DIY (I wouldn’t dare mess with the self-proclaimed head bitch in charge, even on a good day, would you?); but that doesn’t mean that Canadian-born, New York-based noise pop auteur Kim Boekbinder is too “cool-as-fuck” to generously share her musical gospel of love, respect, and interdependent independence with anyone in the world who’s enlightened enough to tune-in … On top of all that (and probably running a 10K and teaching some sword-swallowing lessons), she ALSO recently found time to collaborate with the ACLU, Laverne Cox, Molly Crabapple, and Zackary Drucker, in creating a short video about transgender history and resistance; and she even worked up a galvanizing video for HBIC, the infectious lead single from her forthcoming album NOISEWITCH, which is due September 8Tiny Mix Tapes