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Kids Say Yes for Marriage Equality in Ireland | Video


Come on people get it together.. you can learn a thing or two from these kids!

Over the past while in the media, people have been speaking about children in non-traditional families, particularly children raised by gay parents. As the mother of boy who has two moms I found some of the things said untrue and not reflecting kids’ real lives in Ireland today. I grew frustrated with the lack of kids’ voices in the debates that are going on about them. I wanted to do something that would give kids a chance to have their voices heard.

This video is thanks to some talented and generous people who responded to my call out for technical support. A friend Tricia, who makes radio programmes, said she’d love to record the kids’ views. Ger, a great photographer and filmmaker, volunteered his expertise in capturing and editing the images. Our good friend Paul offered one of his songs to add a musical background. We had a lovely afternoon of food, chat and games and it generated this piece.

The kids really believe in the value of difference and the importance of giving people the space to make a happy life for themselves. I think we should give them the future they deserve – so please go out and vote yes on 22 May. Kids Say Yes

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