Kexin Zhang Shared Lookbook for His Fall/Winter 2016 “SKIN” Collection

LCF graduate designer Kexin Zhang unveiled the lookbook of his Fall/Winter 2016 “SKIN” collection, photographed by Eliška Kyselková.

“Aesthetic surgery is a huge field, which includes different kinds of surgery on both the face and on other parts of the body. It can be used to restore one’s appearance to what it was before wrinkles, sags and scars developed. It is not hard to find similar attributes between skin treatment and fabric treatment and, therefore, surgery can also be used in fashion. Since human skin possesses similar physical characteristics to those of fabrics, it is possible to transfer cosmetic surgery techniques into garment making.” – said the designer.

“Aesthetic surgery involves exposing subcutaneous tissue under the skin during the operation. The inside structure of the garments is comparable with the muscular tissue structure. The garments included an inside structure that was subject to a garment cutting operation. Core surgical processes for garments and the combined tailoring technique are considered in this report. For this collection, the most popular aesthetic surgery procedure, the face-lift, was chosen as the main concept, whereby fabric is drawn back and held back during construction. Facelift surgery, as the term suggests, can make people look younger and appear in better condition. The process involves removing excess skin by pulling extra skin back, which forms a suspended structure. The design methodology in this project included creating a suspended area for garment material. In addition, the color of the whole garment collection has its unique specialties that support the design concept which is used the human’s skin color.”

Hair & Make-up: Michael Moon 
Models: Lewis @Oxygen & Tunde @First
Body details models: Lewis @Oxygen, Tunde @First, Moon @Oxygen & Argiel del Mundo
Photography assistant: Argiel del Mundo

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