K Anderson Shares New Track “Cluttered”

London-based singer-songwriter K Anderson has revealed his new single,
‘Cluttered’. Sounding like Michael Stipe fronting Toni Basil’s ‘Mickey’, the song details the murky area between a casual fling and something more substantial.

Anderson explained: ‘Things can get complicated when a one-night-stand becomes a two-night-stand, which becomes a three-night-stand, and then a fifteen-night-stand. I wanted to create a song that was bass-y, squelchy, and messy, because that’s what relationships are when they start out.’

The lyrics, both definitive and ambiguous, explore that feeling of uncertainty when the oxytocin is coursing through your system. With its frantic drums and rumbling bass, ‘Cluttered’ is a sonic departure from previous singles ‘Bitter Wind’ and ’14 Year Old Me’, but still clearly demonstrates all of the hallmarks of Anderson’s writing – a wry world-weariness, sharp lyrics and a metaphorical arched eyebrow.



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