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K Anderson Shares “Bitter Wind” Lyric Video


K Anderson has just released his new single, Bitter Wind, a searing rock track that harkens back to early REM, The Cure, and with a smidgen of Stevie Nicks.
A song about family and acceptance, Anderson wrote ‘Bitter Wind’ after a nostalgic trip with his parents to Blackpool, the seaside town they holidayed in during his childhood.

‘I came out when I was 12, and my parents never seemed to have an issue with it. But, during this trip, they wanted to introduce me to members of my family that I had never met, and they asked me to keep my sexuality a secret – to go back in the closet. A seemingly small request, but it threw up a lot of questions about their acceptance of who I am and who they may want me to be’.


A dark, rhythmic journey, the song gives an insight in to a man processing his world, and provides a glimpse of what’s to come from K Anderson in 2017.

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