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John Waters Supports The Roxie Theater SF and Encourages You to Have Sex With a Fellow Ticket Buyer: Video

There is no way you love John Waters more than I do!

America’s Oldest Continuously Running Theater – San Francisco’s ROXIE THEATER – Is Still Keeping Our Mission Reel!

John Waters supports The Roxie. Filmmaker John Waters discusses the mind (AND if you know how to do it right – body) blowing experiences you can have at the Roxie Theater.

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You may wonder: How is it possible that so many amazing theaters have shut their doors, but the Roxie is still showing films 364 days a year?

Answer: For some reason our doors just won’t lock …
True story … The Roxie is the oldest continuously running cinema in the United States and has been at its location in San Francisco’s Mission Districtsince it opened in 1909. It’s the 2nd oldest theater in the world – next to Korsør Biograf Teater in Korsør, Denmark, which opened in 1908.

Even more astonishing: The Roxie has remained true to its mission to promote and support truly independent film / filmmakers and programming that would likely never be presented at more mainstream, profit-based venues. That’s right, the Roxie continues to stay rooted in a commitment to taking risks with non-traditional and experimental films – works that are critical to challenging the status quo and inspiring viewers. Films have become one of the most important and effective sources for presenting stories that need to be told and communities that need to be recognized. The Roxie promises all that, as well as programs that transcend the traditional movie-going experience – events of synesthesiac proportions! … events that merge music, performance, visual arts, food, drink, and/or critical discourse with film! And provided at an affordable rate! Truly Amazing!!

Roxie Theater Lobby, photo credit: Gretta S Tritch
Roxie Theater Lobby, photo credit: Gretta S Tritch

Help Support The Roxie’s Amazing Work!

Like the projects we present, the Roxie itself is in need of supporters who are willing to invest in the important resource that we provide for our direct communities, visitors, and the national and international art-house culture.  Without critical support over the next year as we complete our transition to becoming a sustainable non-profit, we won’t be able to continue screening the truly independent films and filmmakers that the Roxie presents 364 days-a-year.


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