John Galliano Goes Down: Convicted of Making Anti-Semitic Comments

John Galliano, you are one queer duck. $23,200 out of your pocket should teach you a little lesson. Or were you hoping to spend some quality time in the slammer to reinvent those sassy orange jump suits? Either way, next time you hate something, keep it to your self and bite your tongue. tsk-tsk

John Galliano


The former Christian Dior designer will have to pay $23,000 in court fees, but will avoid jail, a Paris judge rules.

A Paris court convicted former Christian Dior designer John Galliano on Thursday of making anti-Semitic insults in a bar but gave him only a suspended sentence, taking into account his apology to the victims.

Galliano, who didn’t attend the announcement of the verdict, was given no prison time. He was given a suspended €6,000 ($8,400) fine, which means it goes on his criminal record but he does not have to pay it.

He was, however, ordered to pay €16,500 ($23,200)in court fees for the complainants — three individuals and five anti-racism associations — plus a symbolic €1 ($1.40) in damages to each one. MORE



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