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Johan Jansson Captures a Balance of Masculinity and Vulnerability in These Spectacular Photographs


I stumbled across some of Johan Jansson’s photographs the other day and had to gasp for air, they took my breath away. The subjects, the emotion and execution of each shot were spectacular. I went into stalker mode and connected him via the internet. After discovering he himself was a babe, we exchanged a quick Q & A below. Basically after checking out theses images I chose from his work you will be busy for the rest of the week gazing at his other shots on FACEBOOK and some NSFW images on  his website HERE!

Accidental Bear: How do you pick your subjects?

Johan JanssonMostly I see or meet someone and something about that person makes me want to photograph him. It could be on facebook or you are somewhere and get introduced to someone. That person triggers some sort of a need to portray him.

A mix of masculinity and vulnerability intrigues me and I’ve tried to capture that in my latest tattooed nudes. I think that is what makes me want to portray them.

130407-Tristan 130407-Tristan-2


AB: What inspires you to take the photographs you take?

Johan JanssonAn artist that is inspiring me a lot for the moment is Egon Schele. I love his drawings and paintings of nudes with thin, bony bodies and sharp outlines. I’m exploring possibilities to manipulate the outlines of my nudes to create something that is still beautiful but borders on the grotesque, much like how I see Schele’s work.

I will always be a big admirer of Caravaggio and his impeccable studies of the male nude and his lighting techniques. The work of my first exhibition here in Canada was mainly inspired by him.

Sometimes I have an image in my head that I want to try to reproduce. A movie. Other photographers. Many things!

AB: What are you working on now?

Johan JanssonRight now I am preparing for an exhibition at a gallery in the village of Montreal (! I’m very excited about this because it’s big opportunity! But I’m also very nervous! So many things that need to be done till the end of the month! I’ve shot some new work and I’m selecting and editing a couple of older images as well.
AB: What is the best place for people to find you and your work?

Johan JanssonCome and visit my Facebook page HERE! I’m trying to keep it up to date on what I’m doing, posting images and text about my current work. On my homepage you’ll find all my images as well.

And in person, well you have to come to Montreal! 🙂


You better believe it Johan! If I ever step foot on Canadian soil I’m coming after you! All links that lead to Johan and his work are below:


JohanGabriel-2 JohanGabriel-3 JohanGabriel-4

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