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Joel McHale Makes Impromptu LGBTQ T-Shirt & Donates All Proceeds to LGBTQ Center

Looking scruffy-licious, comedian Joel McHale ripped North Carolina legislators last night at his show at the Durham Performing Arts Center in Durham, NC, announcing that “every single dime I make tonight” would go to the LGBTQ Center as a show of protest against the anti-LGBT law passed there earlier this month.  Check out the LGBTQ t-shirt he through together out duct tape. Middle finger to you NC.

“What the f*** you guys? … This is crazy. There was a moment where I wasn’t going to come tonight, but you know why. What the f*** is wrong with your government here, you guys? I know you guys are cool because your City Council passed a resolution opposing that stupid f***ing bill…It’s crazy. Why did they do it? Were they like, ‘oh, I’ll feel safe with my dick in my fucking hand.’” McHale

Well that was unexpected but pretty cool. #WeAreNotThis

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