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JbDubs Tells Accidental Bear: “The Virtual World is Ready for Half Drag Queens”

Last week my Facebook wall was wallpapered with long, fit legs, in red pumps. As it turns out they belong to singer/dancer JbDubs. JbDubs is a Principal Ballet Dancer with the Boston Ballet. He writes, produces, and performs all his own music and choreographs his performances. His debut album “Free To Love” is available on iTunes.


JbDubs agreed to spend some time in the school yard sandbox with me and let me drill him with questions (mind out of gutter men). You see so much sass in his videos that I was afraid my roughness around the edges would cause some conversational friction burn, but that was not the case. JbDubs is hilarious and I think for our benefit he confided in me that he is a bear in training.

Q & A:

Accidental Bear: For someone meeting you and your music for the first time, could you describe your musical style or genre?

JbDubs: I’d say my music is what happens when a rainbow vomits.

A B: What came first your music or the dance?

JbDubs: Music came first. Music is the reason I dance.

A B: Ok, lets talk about legs. Genetics or dance training?

JbDubs: Both. My parents are skinny minis and I’ve been dancing since I was nine. You use muscles in ballet that you never knew you had.

A B: Last week our Facebook walls were covered with long legs and red high heels. Can you explain? 

JbDubs: It seems like the virtual world is ready for half drag queens… Go figure. 😉

A B: Where did the inspiration for your song “I Hate My Job” come from? It seemed to have resonated with a many number of people?

JbDubs: I had just watched the Dolly Parton classic “9 to 5” and I was loading my dishwasher when a simple phrase popped into my head. I hate my job. I sat down with my lyrics notebook and scribbled away.

A B: What was one of your worst jobs you ever had that you wouldn’t wish on anyone?

JbDubs: I have been very fortunate with my work. I do what I love and it’s always been that way. If I had to choose though, I think being a janitor in Jurassic Park would be a rough job. 😉

A B: World tour soon? Or at least San Francisco?

JbDubs: As soon as I can, I hope to be globe trotting in my patent leather pumps! High kicks across the world!

A B: Vanilla or kink?

JbDubs: I’m not sure what this means but I love vanilla ice cream and I’ve never used it for anything kinky… Yet! Haha.

A B: You write, produce, and performs all his own music?

JbDubs: But of course! I’m a control freak and I love taking all the credit. 

A B:  Do really want a dog (” I want a Dog”)?

JbDubs: Yes! They’re so much more reliable than men.

A B: Are you politically active or do you take a back seat when it comes to politics?

JbDubs: I’m very open about my beliefs. I try to give money to the HRC whenever I can. The power lies in the people.

A B: If you were at a dance club, what song right now would make you scream at the top of your lungs and run to the dance floor with hands in the air?

JbDubs: Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been?”. I’m fairly certain she made that one for gay men.

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A B: Could you tell us something shocking about you that we may not have guessed? Don’t be shy 😉

JbDubs: I’m a nerd. I love video games, sci fi novels, anime, and techie stuff. I follow NASA on twitter. Nuff said.

A B: Steak or tofu?

JbDubs: I’m a meat man.

A B: What’s next on your agenda? World domination?

JbDubs: Yes. After I take over the world, I’d like to make more music and videos, choreograph and dance till my legs fall off, and it’s a pipe dream of mine to make an original cartoon. Until then, it’s red pumps and high kicks!

A B: Thanks for playing handsome!

JbDubs: No problem! Your site is fabulous and I consider myself a bear in training. 😉 Thanks!

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