Jay Brannan – Beautifully [Official Music Video]

“Beautifully” is the 2nd single from Jay Brannan’s forthcoming album, Rob Me Blind, in stores March 27th on Great Depression Records + Nettwerk Records.


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Jay Brannan – Beautifully [Official Music Video]
Video directed by Dillon Magrann-Wells & Grant Carden
Album track produced by David Kahne

music and lyrics by jay brannan

every time he goes, she dies
every time she comes, she cries

he was her long, bright future
in the middle of a wrong, dark road
he loved her, but he wasn’t too sure
if he could return the love she showed
when she said, “my love extends
beyond the realm of being friends”
he kissed her head
then quietly he said

“it’s not that you’re not beautiful, you’re just not beautiful to me”
she said, “how beautiful do i have to be?
when i look in the mirror, you’re the only thing i see,
and i have loved you beautifully”

well, ten thousand tears passed by
but she never let him see her cry
and he called up down one night
he said, “let’s get in the car and just drive”

he talked a lot about loneliness
but why, she didn’t know
and some song about memphis
was playin’ on the radio
she said, “let’s stop the car and slow dance,
won’t you just give me a chance?”
he took her hand
and hoped she’d understand


well, she’ll burn that bridge
and build a house
and swallow the smoke in her mouth
and she’ll feel the burn
and then make the choice
to put the fire in her voice


© 2009 great depression publishing (bmi)

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