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Jarina De Marco Releases Culty Lavender Video for “STFU”

I had no idea how much I needed a dose of “STFU.” Thank you for this Jarina De Marco.

Jarina De Marco has shared an irreverent lavender worshipping video piece for her new single “STFU” produced by GTA, out now on Mad Decent. The video, directed by Madelyn Deutch and produced by Tiziano Tucci, features Buzzfeed’s Pero Like talent and indoctrinates us all into the Church of No Fucks Given. Jarina presides over her lavender clad congregants and ritualistically wash’s away the fucks that her disciples give, until they are cleansed and can unleash their “STFU” spirit. The video’s bold styling plays a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the song’s backdrop of 90s nostalgia with Ring Pops, Lisa Frank, Power Rangers and Tamagotchis that are “still alive. Watch the video here.


Jarina De Marco and her sound embody the multi-ethnic future. Jarina is of Dominican and Brazilian decent and her work defiantly transcends categories and borders. She is a creative visionary who sings in four languages and spearheads all aspects of her project: songwriting, production, visual design and video direction. She’s supported by a creative and politically left leaning community of like-minded globalistas. The video for “STFU” is the product of this community who with Jarina, worked on all aspects from styling to acting.


“STFU” follows her singles “Release the Hounds”, made in support of the people of Standing Rock’s movement, and “Tigre” from the Broad City Soundtrack.


As an outspoken advocate of women’s rights and human equality, Jarina’s music is a unique blend of global consciousness and rhythms. She simultaneously supports the message of resistance, while creating a colorful sound entirely her own. Jarina is out to make a difference through her art and music.

Major Lazer & Mark Ronson Collaborator, Frequently Featured on Broad City, support from Ebro on Beats1, Dillon Francis, DIPLO, GTA + more

Stream/Download “STFU” here

Producer: Tiziano Tucci

Director: Madelyn Deutch

Director of Photography: Bryan Koss

Production Designer: Elise Mesner

Costume Designer: Irene “Disco” Deros

Editor: Greg Cebulski