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James Hock Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook

James Hock

For Spring/Summer 2015 season James Hock continues with the brand philosophy of new basic. Shapes are relax with trousers cut loose and wide. Waistband continues to be elasticated and pleats are introduced to slightly streamline the silhouette.

There is an eco theme running through the collection with the use of organic cotton for jackets and trousers and bamboo fibre for the t-shirts. And for hand knitting, the material used is wood pulp rafia creating a clean and armour like texture. Wood pulp is 100% compostable, making both knitted garments in essence 100% compostable too.

Accessories remain off-beat with a playful net beanie that can be shaped into bunny ears and roll-up net and leather bag.

James Hock2 James Hock3 James Hock4 James Hock5 James Hock6 James Hock7 James Hock8

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