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James Franco Has The Worlds Best Grip On Sexuality: “Gay Town” Art

JamesFranco and Javier Peres

James Franco on Skirting Populist Expectations in His “Gay Town” Show in Berlin

“BERLIN — James Franco is at it again. Rather, by the looks of his new exhibition at Peres Projects in Berlin — which opened alongside his screening of the latest “Oz” film and pet project “Interior.Leather Bar” at the 2013 Berlinale — he’s been at it nonstop. “Gay Town” features 500 works, including 25 paintings and video pieces as well as a massive new series of screen-prints on throw blankets. In the two years since his last show with Javier Peres, it’s hard to imagine where he found the time.” More at report: James Franco appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night. After landing outside in a hot air balloon a la The Wizard of Oz, Franco showed off some of the art in his Gay Town show, without answering Kimmel’s question about why the show is called Gay Town — although the pictures he shows off are part of the answer. Read more:

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