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James Franco 2013 Sundance Film Festival “Kink”: Practical Look at the Fetish Website Kink.com: Trailer

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Bad boy James Franco is back at Sundance this year, and dabbling in the world of sex, kink and fetush. This time the Spider-Man and Pineapple Express star is producing a documentary from director Christina Voros called Kink, which takes a closer, practical look at the fetish website Kink.com and all their adult operations. Kink.com is the largest producer of BDSM. Now the first red band trailer for the documentary has arrived, and while the content is obviously for adults, there’s not any nudity or depiction of explicit sex acts. There’s some raunchy talk and off-camera action and sounds, but this looks pretty intriguing. Watch!

Here’s the first red band trailer for Christina Voros’ Kink via SlashFilm:


Kink.com is the Internet’s largest producer of BDSM content and their directors and models strive for authenticity. In an enterprise often known for exploitative practices, Kink.com upholds an ironclad set of values to foster an environment that is safe, sane, and consensual. They aim to demystify the BDSM lifestyle, and to serve as an example and an educational resource for the BDSM community. Christina Voros directs this documentaryKink which turns the lens on a seemingly misunderstood subculture. James Franco produces the film premiering at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival this month but has no release date yet.

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