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Is The Universe A Computer? | Idea Channel | PBS Video

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Food for thought! Nerds are hot.

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is about everything. Life, the Universe, everything. If you’ve read these amazing books, you know the answer is 42, but what’s the question? To find out what the question was, they built a giant computer we call Earth. And though it seems silly, perhaps Douglas Adams was correct, and that not just earth, but the WHOLE UNIVERSE is an incredibility complex computational system, processing the answer to some unknown question. The universe IS made up of information, similar to a computer, and physics (you know, the basis of the universe) certainly is based on computational principles. But is it running some grand program? Will the answer be 42? Make sure you have your towel, and watch the episode!” pb sidea channel

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Hosted by Mike Rugnetta

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