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Is “The Journey of Being Likable” the New Queer Web Series We’ve Been Waiting For?

OK, Michael Henry may be the funniest human on the planet. He has shared the first 3 episodes of his new Web Series, “The Journey of Being Likable,” and it’s very promising. Before you say it, I’ll ask the question. Where are the people of color? Where are the gay men who aren’t white young twinks? I’m a little surprised because more than any other “Youtube star,” gay comedian/writer, Michael Henry is always on the pulse of what is fucked up about the gay community and never afraid of holding up a mirror to expose the communities ‘stink.’

Myself, I think Michael Henry is being strategic in making these first episodes, to drive home the point of lack of visibility of POC and men of ‘real size” in the LGBTQ community. Fingers crossed

These first episodes had me sharting up a storm.

I’m looking forward to seeing more. Watch the first 3 episodes of “The Journey of Being Likable” below.

Written and created by: Michael Henry Directed by: Paul McGovern Jr Edited by: Paul McGovern Jr DP: Nathan Warburton