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Iris Gold – “The Fruits” Music Video

”All I Really Know”: Rising “Soul-hip-hop” star Iris Gold preempts the release of her brand new 5-track EP ‘Iris Gold – The Interlude’ with a funky, dance choreographed video for ‘The Fruits’.

Iris details the video: “’The Fruits’ track was heavily inspired by the scene where Eddie Murphy meets Imani Izzi in the movie ‘Coming to America’ in the marriage ceremony.  A lot of tribal Fela Kuti was blasted whilst the track was being created. The video was made with my aunty Toniah Pedersen and Issam Talib. It features my homeboys Ricco and Bobbi, busting some sensual moves for the ladies and gents.”

Having released her inspirational track ‘All I Really Know’ last year to critical acclaim, Iris kick starts the New Year with a powerful, emotive 5 track EP ‘Iris Gold The Interlude’ produced by feted London production duo The Confect. Iris explains: “Thes 5 tracks I did with my absolute favourite producers The Confect.

It’s simply called the “Iris gold The Interlude EP” as it’s in between my official releases. Also a couple of the songs have a kind of interlude vibe transition feeling that hopefully exude a certain kind of ambience to create that sexy mood we wanted.

It can also be seen as ‘Marsha Hunt Pt. 2’, as a continuation from ‘The Marsha Hunt Mixtape’


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