Introducing Feltraiger for Fall/Winter 2015 – Studly “New American Classics”

 It’s hilarious seeing these looks being on trend. These are what my greaser-hipster-rockabilly friends looked like when I was growing up. At that point that got all of their looks on a dime from local thrift shops and dumpsters. Nowadays these looks sell for a pretty penny. Not complaining at all. This is always what I thought my dream man would dress like.

Feltraiger is a Brooklyn-based menswear label that is heavily inspired by the spirit of American rebellion. Each of its collections also takes secondary inspiration from little known sub-cultures, whose values the brand re-appropriates through the lens of fashion. Part of the appeal of the clothing, and indeed the brand itself, is while individuality plays a major role in the ethos and point of view of the collection, everything Feltraiger designs also references hardwearing American staples — think utilitarian and workwear styles. A regular “Clutch” magazine favorite, Feltraiger is becoming one of ours, too. See its latest Fall/Winter 2015 collection above and shop its current offering here.

Feltraiger Feltraiger2 Feltraiger3 Feltraiger4 Feltraiger6 Feltraiger7 Feltraiger10 Feltraiger13 Feltraiger14

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