Intoxicating Musician COURTOIS is Back with a New Project | “Post Youth”

We had our eyes on mysterious artist/musician, COURTOIS, for some time now and thrilled that he is back with a new solo project, “Post Youth.”

COURTOIS shared news of the project on his new GoFundMe Page — As some of you may know, my band Patients has been recently converted into a studio-only project, freeing me up to re-launch myself again as a solo act. This time around I’m writing, producing and performing every creative element myself from the ground up.

Since things are a little more personal… and a lot more ME, I’ll be using my real last name, despite it not always being the easiest for everyone to pronounce.

As I introduce COURTOIS into the world, I’m asking you guys to help me out with covering the costs of finishing a full EP of brand new songs, as well as making the first music video or two, and getting back out there with an exciting live show I’ve programmed my own light and video for.

To support project and all information go here

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All eyes on COURTOIS’s Instagram. There’s a lot to love.