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Interview: Accidental Bear Gets Frisky with Campy Electro-Hop Duo, Double Duchess! (Videos)

Accidental Bear had an afternoon icebreaker, meet and greet with San Francisco’s own Double Duchess. To me, I felt like they had twin energy, finishing each others sentences and living symbiotically.  Double Duchess are a queer electro-hop duo that delivers a theatrical, interactive musical experience, where the audience will get wet, one way or another. They have rocked it at Blow Pony (Portland, OR), Stay Gold (San Francisco), SPIT (Vancouver, Canada) Homo A go-go events, Bottom of the Hill, Public Works, Something (San Francisco), The Stud, Fruitcake (San Francisco), Milk Bar and the beat goes on.

I got to sit them down and get get to know these two unique beauties with some rapid fired questions. I fell madly in love with Krylon when he told me that, ” He enjoys staring into the air for inspiration,” brilliant! David has a quiet sexiness about him that all fine rock stars need to possess. Add them together into a beaker and stir together. POW, magic happens!

David Richardson and Krylon



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