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Infographic: Top LGBT Sports Cities

On May 27th, Robbie Rogers, playing as a substitute for the Los Angeles Galaxy, broke yet another pink ceiling as he became the first openly gay man to compete in a well-known North American professional league.

The LGBT community and the sports community are often thought of as mutually exclusive but that is changing rapidly thanks to leadership by the major leagues and a new generation of athletes that support equality.  Today, players such as Brittney Griner and Jason Collins can be themselves on and off the field.  It’s only a matter of time before many more join their ranks.

As barriers to LGBT athletes being out within the sports community fall with each passing day, Target 10 took a look at a number of cities across the U.S. to determine, in our opinion, which have the most going on in the world of LGBT sports based on the criteria below.  The results may surprise you.

Source: www.target-10.com


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