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“I’m Not Gay” Music Video – Funny or Offensive?

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Being gay as the butt of the joke is always offensive to me, whether I laughed at several part of this video or not.

J Pee created by Jesse Pepe
Written and Performed by: Jesse Pepe


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3 thoughts on ““I’m Not Gay” Music Video – Funny or Offensive?

  1. I don’t find this offensive at all.
    Maybe because I went through that phase of denial while lusting after men and thinking many of the things suggested in this video. Then when I came out I was all over the place.
    I also know a few people that have lived this as well; or doing so right now.
    It’s difficult process, and this video manages to cover that from a humerous angle; and lets face it, there are times its nice to not be so serious about life.

  2. I think it was very humorous. The whole punch line of the music video was the fact that just because he is gay doesn’t mean he has to molest every man he sees, because all of his friends are gay and they are completley calm and collected. Also it was obviously tounge-in-cheek humour and people need to be able to laugh at themselves.

    And as for Drag Queens, not only are they a proud staple of the Queer Community and it’s history, most queens revere women and the more outrageous Queens poke fun at people’s critical or incorrect perceptions of women, while still creating an homage to the power that is the mystique of women.