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IGNORANCE ALERT: Tennessee High School Principal Condemns Gay Students to Hell (Video)

Wow, what amazing support these children are getting, NOT! I can tell you who is going to hell if there was such a place.

“At first she was talking about PDA and she turned around and she directly pointed to the gay people and said if you’re gay you’re going to hell and if you’re pregnant, you’re life is over,” Amber Whittiemore said. www.abc24.com

Tennessee principal Dorothy Bond of Haywood High School is under fire for pointing at gay students and telling them they’re going to hell. According to students at the meeting, she also said that if you’re pregnant, “your life is over.” Members of the community report that Bond has a history of remarks like this, telling students at an assembly once, “If you’re pregnant or homosexual, you’re not welcome at Haywood County High School.”


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