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I want Your “Undivided Attention” New Music Video by George Alley Out Today!

I have said it before, and I will say it again, “I want your undivided attention.” Singer George Alley has now put music to my thoughts. Get out of my head! Just out today, a brand spanking new video by Alley, that is good for your soul titled, “Undivided Attention.”

Now Available on iTunes and Amazon retailers
“Undivided Attention” was written and performed by George Alley and produced by Sy Boccari


Sometime in the summer of 1985 George Alley was given a tape recorder and before the day ended he recorded his first song,“Put it In” an ode to putting pies in microwaves, and kids into Esprit sweaters. Fast forward past bands with names like Alien Flavors, Dein Kopf, Slug Slug Slug, Standard Noses and Boat to Kazakhstan, vocal studies, an ironic cover of “Holly and the Ivy” in 2011, sound experiments and collaborations with recording artists such as Cenk Ergun, Hears of Darknesses, Drew Castellano and members of Man Man to 2013 and the upcoming release of his debut album “Schemes.”

Predeceasing the release of this album was the release of single Summer Trophies. A smooth mid-tempo end of summer song that has a haunting rhythm and timbre, that deals with topics about the passing of youth and entering middle age, with the theme of ’summer love’ apparent in the choruses, and of reminiscence of a past relationship.
A “noir screen test” styled music video directed by Adam Peditto was released in July of 2012 the first of several singles and videos from the album to released though out 2013.


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