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I Make Dildos for a Living | Video

Adam makes cocks for a living. Originally starting an anal toy and strap-on company with his partner, they now hand-make glittery multi coloured dicks! They own the company Godemiche together in Leicestershire, where they also live with their two kids. In our interview he indulges us on the small and large issues within the sex toy industry, how he deals with telling people his occupation and explains why the Brits are too prudish about sex. Also.. is the “Adam” dildo sculpted on his own penis?!

Adam is all about helping others with his products. He wants people to be able to talk about sex freely and openly, and by opening up his shop he hopes to start a new conversation.. dicks, butt plugs, Hercules and the penises of mythical creatures.

Good work Adam. Also, Great dick.

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